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Upcoming Comics will be Split - Important!

Posted by darkflame8 8 months ago


In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, I will be making significant changes to the three upcoming 40 page comics.

Originally they were supposed to be release in full with a price of $15 USD. However, after carful consideration I have decided to split the comics into chapters. The first of these, A Mother's Predatory Instinct will be four (4) chapters long, totalling 48 pages. Each of these chapters will be $5 USD.

There will be a full version that will be released with Chapter 4, for those that would rather read through the whole comic at once.

The second and third comics, O'Vore'protective Predator and Predator Prison Welcomes you will both be 3 chapters, totalling 36 pages each. These chapters will also be sold at $5 USD.

Now I'm aware that some people won't like this descision, however I am fully aware of the effect the current pandemic is having on people and how it will effect their finances.
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