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Spring Update + More Patreon Rewards To Be Added

Posted by Metalforever 8 months ago


Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well during these chaotic times but it's important to stay calm and stress free. I want to preface this update by wishing you all the best and I hope you're staying safe right now.

Art Updates---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have a bunch of art lined up for the coming weeks, some new and some alternative versions of previous pictures. I have received a few inquiries about commissions being open, as of this time they are still closed and when I do open I will post a journal in the coming weeks prior, with current Patrons receiving first priority. I also have some news regarding the new Patreon rewards and upgrading previous ones I've decided to add.

First, March's Patreon rewards are as follows:

1st place: 6-7 panel colored sketch sequence featuring Midnight from My Hero Academia and Vore (currently a WIP)

2nd place: Shantae from Shantae the Half Genie and Weight Gain (With a pregnancy alternative version)

3rd place: Ryuko Matoi and Stuffing, with 8 alternative versions (3 costumes and 3 belly types / dialog variations for 9 versions total)

You can see Shantae, Ryuko and all their alternative versions right now by joining my Patreon
The Midnight sequence is currently being worked on scheduled to be completed on Saturday.

I'll have more info and screenshots in the Patreon Preview for March next week.

New Patreon Rewards and Upgrading Existing Ones starting April ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As of now I'm suspending the belly poll on my Patreon indefinitely. I have several reasons as to how I came to that decision but I feel it's for the best. In short the belly poll was becoming redundant and didn't serve much purpose other than to restrict some artistic freedom for the rewards. The character poll will stay as is, with it now being separated into a general poll then a run off poll to decide the final position of the top 5-6 winners.
Because I will be suspending the belly poll, that means I will decide which fetishes to pair with which winners. Every month vore, weight gain and stuffing will be guaranteed to be represented in at least one picture and/or sequence. Pregnancy and other types of belly expansion will be present from time to time too.

+More rewards & Upgrading existing ones starting in April

Now you may be wondering why I mentioned the top 5 - 6 candidates for a run off poll each month, well that brings me to our next subject; more rewards and upgrading previous ones for you!

Starting this April the image rewards for the character poll will be as follows:

1st place: (5-6) panel colored sketch sequence

2nd place: (3-4) panel colored sketch sequence (Upgraded from a colored image)

3rd place: (2-3) panel colored sketch sequence (Upgraded from a colored image)

4th place: colored sketch (New!)

5th place: colored sketch (New!)

Other rewards such as character suggestions, voting Photoshop files, black and white Full Combo sketches and any others will remain unchanged and stay exactly as is. One more addition though is the previously mentioned (+1) more vote for those in the Big Burger & Full Combo tiers who do not suggest a character for that month's poll, that is on top of their normal amount of votes (2 and 3 respectively)

With these new rewards I will be updating the info on the tier rewards in the coming days and the info on the main page. This also means the WIPs for each month will be posted more frequently throughout and spread out, rather than being condensed on one single day in the middle of the month. I still want to do alternative versions with the colored sketches and if I ever have enough time clean them up to the quality of a colored image.

That's all for now, stay safe and I hope you have a good rest of the day.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or PM me.
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