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Update! (Yeah it's been a while)

Posted by Raiza 1 year ago


The main reasons for my absence are the following.

1. I'm working on a writing project that takes both time and money. It has nothing to do with this site or fetishes, and I won't be making any public announcements about it on this site. It has to do with a hobby where I'm a public figure in the community I'm in (which is still a very niche one), and would rather not have a bunch of people knowing my kinks.

2.Work and life have generally taken up my free time. It's hard for me to balance my work and hobbies as it is.

Depression and motivation. I've had no muse to write vore in a long time. I was considering declaring an indefinite hiatus from this. I wouldn't have deleted my work, but I wasn't going to add any more to it.

What's changed? The COVID-19/the coronavirus has eliminated virtually all of my hours. Thus, I have no way of getting money to continue paying my editor, let alone finding someone to do the book cover, etc. Even then, helping my family, with the little money I made is the most important thing.

Commissions may be the only way I can get money right now, so I shall keep those open. I may be a bit pickier on what projects I accept, despite the need. This policy is in fear of burnout. If this happens, I will do my best to think of a story or scenario they'd enjoy reading, and I'd enjoy writing.

My next story is going to be a patron-exclusive one. Just as a bonus to anyone reading this blog, I shall announce what it is. It's going to be another bleach one (I swear it's just a coincidence lol) staring Yoruichi as pred. I find her an incredibly sexy woman and an underused pred.

I'm also making updates to my Patreon as a whole. The only major one, though, is that I've decided I'm NOT going to make the patron-exclusive stories public until I reach a milestone. The previous plan was to release them a year after. However, I don't write that many, and I need some incentive for people to pledge. Perhaps on the first milestone of 50$, I'll change that, and make the public release be after I post a new patron-exclusive one.

Speaking of which, here's a link to it!
It features the previous story with Rangiku, from bleach, as pred, eating Rukia. Also, their spirits with her kitty-fish eating the pretty snowlady! I based the story on a comic Natsumemetalsonic drew quite a few years ago.

For commissions, please check my commission status.

What happens once I get work hours back? I'm not sure. Likely just a hiatus. But I'll be sure to announce if I do take one, and I think I'm pretty confident that it won't be indefinite. I hope I can create stories people enjoy at the meantime, I'll think of a new non-commission public story soon as well, but I promise no deadline on it, cause I suck at keeping those! lol

Thanks for your time!
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