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Story Commissions Closed

Posted by Zagine 8 months ago


Due to recent events that I'm sure everyone else around the world is aware of; I am currently suspended from my job until all this blows over. So I thought I might put my free time to good use and open up story commissions for anyone that would be interested. Five slots this time, so if interested please read the rules below and send me your idea in a note!

Slot 1: Qwerty2999 *COMPLETE*
Slot 2:  firered2*COMPLETE*
Slot 3: Regan700 *COMPLETE*
Slot 4: DreamB4 *COMPLETE*
Slot 5: GnarlyOtaku


Commissions will be $1 every 100 words, so have a general idea of how long you want the story to be. Now with stories sometimes words need to be added or I may just get a bit overly descriptive, so any overage to the word count I add is free; but if you want to add something midway through writing, that may cost extra.

Payment will be through Paypal only and will be 50% upon accepting the commission and the other 50% upon completion.


Please contact me through a note with a general idea of what you want the story to be about. As it’s kind of my bread and butter, stick to something somehow related to a belly.

Will do:
Weight Gain
Pregnancy (normal & hyper)


Won’t do:

Non-oral vore


Long drawn out sex scenes


(If what you’re looking for is not on either list, then we can discuss it.)

Ultimately I uphold the right to refuse an idea for whatever reason.

I’m happy to do fan fiction of a series, but please understand I have not seen everything so there may be some difficulty in grasping the character or scenario you want. (rule of thumb, if I just have to read a single wiki page to understand then you may be fine)

I’m also willing to write about OCs, mine or yours. However keep in mind that I may be more selective with ideas involving my OCs.


How long it takes to complete your story will depend on how long you want it to be, this time I'm going to suspend deadlines as last time I severely overestimated myself and how little stuff IRL would get in the way. However I will be working steadily to get your commissions done in a timely manner.
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Posted by Robotdocter 8 months ago Report

i sent a note on DA with mine :)

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