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List of awesome

Posted by Mecho 9 months ago


Oh boy. So much spare time in those silly corona times. Maybe you guys gave notices my ridiculous speed in doing vore art lately. Yeah. That is how boredom looks likes. Mmmmmmm...Tasty-tasty boredom. Also, lists are great. So...Here it is. A list of things that I think are vorish greatness.


Neutral (I don't squirt the pants. But don't dislike either)
Animals eating peoples
Monsters eating people
Furries eating people
?/F/?/M (If you can't see the gender of the eaty-eaty thing it dosen't matter, really)
Being pred (Well. In my android form I can absolutely gurgle down on some tasty humans)

Belly bulges!
Demon preds
Willing prey
Soft vore
Oral vore
Anal vore? <---------- Huuuuge question mark on this one.
Multiple preys
Male preys

Loves! (Stuff that makes things from the like list trillion times better. Like the topping of the ice cream)
Multiple preds on one prey (F*ck yeah!!)
Male preds
Female prey
Being prey
Robot preds
Saliva <3
Size differences
Unwilling prey
When you can't see the pred's eyes
Unfairness (Cute petite neko maid VS ULTRA MEGA LAZOR ROBOTZ!)
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Posted by Belloc 9 months ago Report

Small touch, but hidden eyes is a really fun thing. Behind opaque glasses, behind bangs, covered by some sort of clothing, whatever it is, it really does make a scene just mwah, a little better.


Posted by Mecho 9 months ago Report

Yeah. It surely is. I feel like it has something to do with the "unhuman" feeling to it all? Like, the eyes are supposed to be in mirror in to the soul. And when you can't see them it makes the pred somewhat more sinister/mysterious.


Posted by Sexywiggle423 9 months ago Report

Yes, robot preds! The best type of pred for the most pleasurable vore sessions!


Posted by Mecho 9 months ago Report

Hell yes! :D They sure are great.


Posted by lyingunderfire 9 months ago Report

You and I share many of the same likes and loves!

-It's no wonder why we enjoy your art so much.-