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Upcoming Stuff

Posted by Coolwoman 7 months ago


Hello I just wanted to let everyone know all the stories that are coming. Do note many can be added, I will list a show or game that they are from and list every character getting a story

Monster Musume: Rachnera, Zombina, Tio, Manako and Dopple
A Certain Scientific Railgun: Misaka Mikoto
Interspecies Reviewers: Meidri
RE Zero: Emilia And Rem
Konosuba: Wiz, Darkness, Megumin, and Yun Yun
Actually I Am: Yuko Shirigami
Citrus: Mei Aihara
Magical Sempai: Sempai
Quintessential Quintuplets: Miku and Yotsuba
Full metal Alchemist: Izumi Curtis and Winry Rockbell
Highschool Of The Dead: Saya Takagi and Saeko Busujima
Love is War: Chicka Fujiwara and Kaguya Shinomya
Akame Ga Kill: Akame and Esdeath
Yuuna and The Haunted hot springs: Yuuna
Darling In The Franxx: Zero Two
Rosario+vampire: Moka
An Angel Flew Down To Me: Miyako
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel and Satania
Blood Lad: Bell Hydra
Bleach: Momo, Isane Kotetsu, Yoruichi and Riruka
Highschool DxD: Xenovia and Koneko
Tokyo Ghoul: Akira Mado
RWBY: Weiss
Miss Caretaker Of Sunohara-sou: Ayaka
Fire Force: Haumea and Hibana
Bunny Girl Senpai: Mai Sakurajima
Demon Girl Next Door: Yuko
Danganronpa: Celestia Ludenberg
Nekopara: Coconut and Cinnamon
Spice and Wolf: Holo
My Hero Academia: Toga, Mt Lady and Nejire Hado, Mitsuki
Science Types Fell In Love: Himuro
My Girlfriend if a shobitch: Kosakai
Love Tyrant: Akane, Guri and Akua
Steins Gate: Makise Kurisu and Mayuri
Tsugumomo: Kiriha
My First Girlfriend Is A Gal: Nene
Monogatari: Senjogahara and Karen
Dropkick and my Devil: Jashin chan and Minos
Boarding school Juliet: Char
Doki Doki Literature Club: Yuri, Natsuki and Sayori
Devil Is A Part Timer: Chiho and Emi Yusa
If My Favorite Pop Idol: Maina
Cautious Hero: Aridoa
Overlord: Albedo and Shalltear
Kanokon: Nozomu

These are all the upcoming preds at the moment as more will be added most likely
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Posted by bellylov3rs 7 months ago Report

Oh wow that's a huge list. And did I spot Citrus in there? In honestly surprised it hasn't really gotten the vore treatment yet given all the drama that could easily be turned into vorish scenario's. Practically all the girls could equally be pred or prey and both as safe and fatal vore too.

Looking forward to reading all the upcoming stories :)


Posted by Coolwoman 7 months ago Report

Lets just say Matsuri has it coming


Posted by bellylov3rs 7 months ago Report

Oooh good heh, wonder who's gut she'll fall victim to but I have an idea ;3 all the other girls better learn their place or end up in one of the two lover/sisters guts.


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 7 months ago Report

I eagerly await seeing Best Sempai! :-)


Posted by Coolwoman 7 months ago Report

She breathes best girl vibes