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Corona B-day party!

Posted by Mecho 8 months ago


Ah. What a time to be alive. So my b-day is tomorrow and in those silly times I really try to find ways to stay sane. One thing that I REALLY miss is the night life and this time of the year is usually when the party life starts 4 realz with the hot weather and upcoming birthday. Oh god, I miss the nights out reeeeeeeeeeealy badly. The neon lights, the electronic music, being sweaty from all the dancing, all those fun and awkward people you meet, the booze, dressing up in whatever you want. God, I even had plans on doing a robo cosplay for the coming events. But naaaaaaah.

This site has really helped me to stay...sane? Or not. Depending on how you see it XD So it's a really nice way to do something that feels fun when the world has run out of the fun.
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Posted by Sexywiggle423 8 months ago Report

Happy birthday! May you get cherished with both happiness and robot bois not just for today, but rather all day, everyday! Hopefully things are okay wherever you are! ;)


Posted by Mecho 8 months ago Report

Ahhw <3 Danke sweetie! Things are good, but as many of us feel. It will be Nice with a more normal and corona free life.

And there will be plenty of robo dudes. Always <3


Posted by voreistyum 8 months ago Report

I feel your pain, my fiancé and I had our 10 year anniversary on the 17th of this month and couldn’t do anything because everything is closed but life shall return to semi normal eventually, I hope you have an amazing birthday despite the craziness! :)


Posted by Mecho 8 months ago Report

Oh god no :< That must suck so hard! So Sorry to hear that. And thank you! I will make the best out of it :D


Posted by Zeepher150 8 months ago Report

Yeah, I wish Corona would simply exit the world and we could live our lives without fear. Still, happy b-day!