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Ark is a word

Posted by Wolfy 1 year ago


Whoops, I should been doing art work, had some Viper Girlfriend pics in the works but then Ark Survival Evolved came back into my life.

HAHA! Sorry guys.

Havn't even had the chance to try Chimera Squad or Fallout76 on steam.
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Posted by VelveteenDreams 1 year ago Report

Wow, seriously? I literally just started Ark for the first time like a week ago. I mean of course I followed it since its creation and have watched numerous videos but I'm a poor boi who don't get games until years after they're relevant. Still, holy coincidence that's surprising.

For one thing my partner won't stop teasing about how I would fit inside a Beelzebufos mouth.


Posted by VelveteenDreams 1 year ago Report

+1 comment - I sense Titanoboa Naga Girls in the future?


Posted by ArcaneSigil 1 year ago Report

Ark is a game with very much vorish potential. With dinosaurs, it was only a matter of time before vore work was made of it. T-Rex, Spino, Bronto, Giga, Raptors, Titanoboa, Beelzebufo, Gigantopithecus... the list of vorish possible creatures goes on and they add to it more and more with Genesis and other expansions.

I've never heard of Chimera Squad, but Fallout76 has gotten some major fixes since release day. It's not as bullshit anymore. Though there are still just the usual vore-possible enemies, and they added a couple more. Scorch Beasts are the first thing to come to mind. Enjoy those flying radiation blast spitting bastards when you come across one.


Posted by Mech__Warrior 1 year ago Report