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Feel free to say hi and good wishes to everyone.

Posted by replicatkd 2 years ago


Hope everyone is doing well.

Message me if you need help, want to chat or rp.

*Ideas of the day!
Wanting to try silly situations like ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1)Prey offers their body for money. Or they offer their friend/family. Or sleeping vore or hypnosis vore. Or maybe rescued from homelessness/wilderness.

2)Someone made a vore club (like a school or nightclub) and they need a pred to start it. Or some sort of special beach where you go to be eaten.

3)The prey promised the pred they will give themselves up later on. (Be that a promise to escape an earlier attempt at vore or a consensual promise.)

4)Some kind of vore/kink brothel with or without reformation. Could custom order prey to come visit you. Could pay extra money behind the scenes to turn off their reformers. Could be a tf, scat or kinky sex brothel.

5)A pred or prey wants to retire from X thing and fill a belly. It could be permanent endo. Could also be to drop out, escape from police/crime or to "get back" at someone.

6)Birthday of the pred means he gets a nice snack. It could be an unwilling captured snack or a willing friend.

7)Prey did something bad and their punishment is being a snack but the world has respawns. This can be: A constantly-reforming meal tormented by lots of vore or they are sentenced to "be fat for 10 years" type of thing. (Most likely in a jail or bounty hunter/war thing)

8] A pred teaches vore to a first timer prey as he posted an online ad. Fatal or safe. Or "teaches" a would-be pred by eating them.

9)Being able to order any kind of meal at a restaurant. My pred gets a "peace offering" after I conquer or rescue place/person. Willing or unwilling.

Self-indulgent scenes like vore worlds or all-powerful preds like ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10)A pred (most likely an OC) goes through animes, canon worlds and videogames and eats the popular characters. This implies some reality breaking powers if wanted. He could change the whole setting of the place. Example: All ninjas are vore ninjas now.

11)Pred goes around collecting exotic prey. All the way up to goddesses. Or eating the one anthro panda in the area as she the only one of her kind. Collecting remains/stuff/pictures as trophies or in their gut or in a wall/cage/dreamscape.

12)Pred eats a very numerous family. Or the pred eats the whole monstergirl swimming team. It can be something like an all boys team too. Something with lots of numbers. Like 5-7 preys. 10 preys. Or more if we can handle it.

13)A macro prey scene. A lab partner, family member or friend turns giant by accident and the pred wants to eat them. A willing macro scene or a bet that they couldn't eat them. Buying a giant slave and they think its for labor but its actually for vore.

14)A porn vore movie. The prey is a veteran and is unaware that her retirement clause means permanent digestion (even if the world has reformation) or perma endo.

15)Non-vore idea. The prey's fate is to be tied to the pred in a contraption. The contraption keeps the prey upside down and tied on the pred's body and permanently forcing her to suck the pred's cock. Or in an "all the way through" manner.

16)A "vore problem solver". Daughter didn't turn out how you thought she would and is ruining the family's reputation? Hire the pred and turn her into gut fat. Student doesn't seem like they will go far/is too far behind? Turn them into cum instead. A love rival is in the way of your crush? Now they are a permanent endo bulge. A curse, sickness or debt doesn't seem like the best way to end? Why not end it in a gut?

17)Overpopulation of a certain race/species means you can eat them. Or Vore suddenly turns legal so the pred can finally reveal they wanted to eat a friend or family member.

18)Non-vore idea. Prey gets drowned in a cum tank that the pred keeps as a throphy. Or is alive but stuck in there permanently.

19)A farmer really has it good. Not only does he grow his own "food" he also uses them like furniture, workers and makes a business out of it. It could probably be done in fantasy or sci fi settings. Or a thief keeps eating a farmer's cowgirls, sheepgirls, horsegirls trying to get someone's farm out of business. Even the employees. (In this the prey can be humans, anthros or sentient/talkative feral prey)

I also have specific ideas with (Warning!) UNFILTERED kinks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

20)Cruel idea. The pred eats the son/daughter, sibling or spouse of someone then goes to show their family how they "look like" now. Can be consensual or not. The victim can be the lesbian gf of someone, someone's husband, etc. If it's consensual its more akin to cheating, cuckolding, spouse-stealing or payback. Can be permanent endo too. Or the pred eats his own family.

21)Rags to riches. A pred aims to become an evil overlord with a harem and save the dark races from the good races. Or a hero tries to vanquish the sexy evil overlord with his stomach and her minions. His heroic deeds earn him companions, one night stands, etc.

22)A pred turns a tomboy into a housewife, a warrior into a sex-craving girl. The pred turns a straight boy into a dick lover. Or a kind of battle royale/competition/ring-fighting with snuff, sex, stinky stuff and several vore kink.

23)Gender imbalance. Males are the workhorse/servants of powerful women and fight back against the regimen. Or fight back against the futa regimen. Or the hunky male pred lands in a island of only femboys, females, harpies, elves, etc and he is the novelty item/gets asked to help with things.

24) A prey that nobody wants to eat tries looking for preds in apps or random places. The focus would be that the prey maybe is an insect girl, a pred species or anything out of the ordinary. Like say she has lot of scars, or is a robot/immortal/zombie and thinks she can't be digested.

25) Pred discovers that a family member, a friend/stranger or co worker has a vore fetish and so he eats them maliciously. The reverse is fun too. A prey finds the pred's kink and wants to indulge it.

26)Pred runs a vore lab or researches how long it takes to digest a particular species, person or thing. For non vore scenes: a snuff/torture lab, a meat factory like butcher(or like packaging alive women inside normal food) or breeding factory. Or transformation lab.

27) Could be fun if prey offer a vore service. "Eat me or my friend for a magic buff!" Or "Hungry? I promise I will take weeks to digest and fill you up"

28)Also if any scene is permanent endo or long term endo then the prey can have an "astral projection" , "hologram", "robot" or friend as a stand-in so that they are still part of the developing plot.

29)Also silly. Pred is training for an eating competion (could be real food or prey) and the prey curiously lays on one of the pred's plate to see what happens. Or they offer themselves to fill that gut or are unwillingly put there as punishment for a crime.

30) Some kind of multi prey or story-driven scene where even after being digested the preys are still part of the plot. For example, a mage school where you can eat your classmates and even though they are digested they can still go to class because they are ghosts now. (Or cum girls. Or they are able to walk around/reform but are linked to the pred's belly somehow. So they are in the plot but their lives belong to the pred still.) It can be fatal or endo. The "ghosts" are what makes this thing work.

31) The darkest idea I guess. A powerful prey (like female knight, etc) gets bested by the pred. The sex is very violent, gets beat up, tortured (like taking out teeth or limbs over time), takes bites out of her.

~~~~~~To end with. The most outrageous ideas I could come up with:~~~~~~~~

-Vore bar full of pregnant women/boys
-Preds with "portal dick" so they can have sex with like 5 people at the same time.
-Taking in homeless/hopeless/defenseless prey of various species, genders and ages and getting a consensual harem (hero worship/hypno.) Or its a fake place for me to partake on them.
-A scene specifically about bathroom stuff. Like losing means the prey is a personal toilet.
-Also silly plots like besting a boy/woman in a sparring match makes them horny for you. Or saving them in a grim/dark world also makes them horny for you.

I can cater to your scenes and ideas too but please run them by me so I can see if I can do them or not.

Canons that I know
Fairy tail
Fate Stay Night
Demon slayer
Goblin slayer
One punch man
Resident Evil
Attack on Titan
Akame Ga kill
Highschool of the Dead
Kill la Kill
Monster Musume
Legend of Zelda
Mario Bros
Star Wars
Both Legend of Avatars.
Street Fighter
Mass Effect
Soul Calibur
Taimanin asagi
Corruption of champions
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