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Adult sites

Posted by BellySludge 4 days ago


It is interesting to note the sites that have porn and allow/feature vore are often of 2 camps in my mind. One is the Porn star who wants to make money by 'trying' to do a VORE video... (my opinion FYI)

They often use Gummy people or tiny little figurines. Often have no plot or little of one. Probably spent 15 minut6es thinking it through or possibly bluffed it the whole way. They often giggle and smile.... not really getting into the role of what is going on. And they look like they are regular strippers/porn stars.

..... ok...... Not attracting my attention, so why bother....
Get to know the fetish first, don't rush it. Go slower....
And honestly, Giant-ism is done WAY to often... and how do you sympathize with the victim when they are a gummy bear....?

The other side plans a set of shots or dialog. Some are pretty complex, make sense, and clearly the persons in the video get it.
Some only have to talk to you and you are going, yup! Does not have to have any traditional nudity .... And it does not matter their appearance.

Just noting.
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