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Thanks for the welcome!

Posted by SomeoneSomwhere 3 days ago


Hey guys! I'm going to use this blog to be me and talk about things I want to talk about as per my gallery, things effecting it, and what to expect. So first and foremost, thanks so much for the warm welcome on my first post yesterday! I've been anonymously on this site for three years and the fact that the reception of my first story was so much better than I expected warms my heart! I'm expecting to be able to post about twice a week, I'm planning on Saturdays for sure and then any other time of the week when I have time (college is a bitch). And I'll be posting until the end of June and then I can't post for like half a year, or if I can it'll be very sparse.
So what I'm thinking is that tomorrow I'll post a story for my second character, which I'm only expecting two right now, and then I'll be accepting questions on behalf of her, Violet, or me which I'll make a post answering them before I disappear! Feel free to friend my discord to send me questions or requests (or I might be willing to RP c:) or comment them on any future posts.
Once again, thank you SO much for the amazing reception and I'm looking forward to tomorrow for my second pred character which is very different from Violet. Switch things up and have fun in the mean time c:
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