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State of the Buizel -- June 2020

Posted by lutro 2 years ago


Hey all! Hope everyone's doing well. Especially considering current global events. Hang in there! We'll survive and thrive!

Just wanted to dump some unfiltered status updates out about various things I'm working on and what I've been up to. For the past couple months I've mostly just been doing commissions as they roll in. Earlier in the year, I was pushing to get more chapters of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer Lutro out, but procrastination and other unrelated hobbies started taking away writing time! I do have several more chapters written, as well as a rough outline for more. I'll try to get some more chapters posted to keep that story going. (I have some character art too! I should get to posting them. Bringing some of the characters in that story to illustrative life.)

Prince Froggy's Revenge has two chapters written and published so far, and has several to go! That's just a bit of a passion project of mine and yoshies are among my favorite characters to write in voracious scenarios. Definitely expect to see more of those (it's not abandoned! Just more procrastination). That's fully planned/plotted out; I just have to get myself into the yoshi mood!

Recently, I've been toying around with the idea of a "sketch" tier of story. These would be 500 word quick one-shots, that, eventually, I maaaay do in a "sketch commission stream" style or something. Not sure yet! I've written a few to see if anything reasonable can happen in that word count. I think, based on the couple reviews I've gotten so far, that it's indeed possible! Keep an eye out for either stream announcements (not likely but possible), or "collection" posts that will feature a bundle of a bunch of short stories packed into either one file, or perhaps a zip/compressed file. A lot's up in the air on this front so far, but I have a good feeling about it.

In general, I want to get more personal stuff going. I often ask talented artists why they don't produce more art since they have the talent to do so. I think I understand why that doesn't happen! Works, even ones you're really personally into, still take time and effort to produce! You even feel like you have to put your best foot forward in those specifically, since they almost represent you in a way. All that said, I definitely want to get more stories of my own out there. Ideas that appeal to me, that just might appeal to others! Either way, the goal is to write what I want.

That's about all I have! I'm still chugging along happily. Stay happy, stay safe, and stay healthy everyone!
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