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*Pssst* Hey kids!

Posted by Mecho 7 months ago


Hey kids. Looking for sum collab?

I'm at the moment so exited about the vector function and really want to try it out on something that isn't my own stuff. That means: You send me a sketch of something you have done and i'm all up for doing the lined, coloring and shadings and maybe background. As usual, we must share interests. That means (If you haven't follow me or anything and don't know it by now) NO fem preds, no animals (Animals are okey. But I want to do some human lookings stuff o3o) No poop, no preg, no perma death and no sexual child-stuff. But besides...I'm pretty much open for anything. So if you want your sketch of a humanoid crow boy with 4 legs and fangs. I'm all game.

Share your ideas, and I give them colors~
And as usual: PM me if interested.

Mecho in and out *Swooosh*
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