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Thank you!

Posted by kaijinx 1 year ago


Hey!! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! I joined as an artist only a handful of days ago and already everyone is so supportive?? I'm baffled? The community here is wonderful! I'm already to 4K views! I uh don't know if that's considered good, but it's a big number so I'm happy!

Also uh. Quick question. Is there a way to see how many people are watching me...? I can't find it the number if it exists haha. I also don't know how blog posts work. Like I've mentioned before, I've been lurking on this site for FOREVER and only recently decided to contribute so uhhh I'm kinda clueless!

Again thank you all!
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Posted by TheLazyWizard 1 year ago Report

4K of views is a great number !!! To see how many watchers you have ... well as such it is not something you can see as a statistic, but on your user page you can see a section that says "view all watches" followed by a text that says "watched By" where you can see How many you have, in general and by experience, per page filled, are about 50 watchers, that is to say that if you mark that you have 3 pages in that section, you have about 150 watchers ...


Posted by bellylov3rs 1 year ago Report

You're very welcome! Most of the people here are good chill people and will happily share our love of vore or just happy to shoot the shit about just about anything. :) And you'll get the hang of it in time I was a lurker myself until this year when I finally started posting some of my older stuff to start.


Posted by Gcreep 1 year ago Report

To look at your watchers, there's a menu under your "favorites" tab on your profile page showing who you're watching, labeled "Is Watching". To the right on that there'll be a "watched by" button, which presents you with a list of everyone watching you. However, this does not give you an actual number of watchers.


Posted by MelonGRG 1 year ago Report

Well, we ARE quite a wholesome bunch considering most of us come here to see people get eaten

Also, I love your artstyle, it's unique.


Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

I really enjoy your art already ! Thank you for sharing your wonderful drawings ! I joined kinda recently too (I know, six month is a lot, but considering that some people are here for a 8 years...) and people here seem to be really chill and nice ! Glad that you are enjoying it a lot already and wish you luck with your art !