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Posted by Mecho 7 months ago


So. My brain sometimes works in mysterioys ways. Got my ADD to Thank for that. So, the last day I
Just woke up and suddenly this thought struck me "What if I could learn how to do vore animation"
And it got me rather exited. Tho, it feels kind of an "overkill" consider that I haven't learn Clip
Studio fully yet. But hey! I'm that "Learn things while doing them" person so... And there is just SO little human-looking male preds animation out there. So as usual. I want to make male based stuff more common.

So. A little heads up. I will not be as productive as before considering animation stuff takes time. But!
If it goes my way you guys will have moving vore pics instead.
So I will focus on that for now. And try to sneak some commissions in as well~
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