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It lives! (in a zygote stage but still!)

Posted by Arthotus 1 year ago


Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last blog post. It really helped me stop feeling sorry for myself and push more code into my game. I cut some corners and rounded off the sharp edges to come up with something that is essentially a 'test model' of the game I'm trying to make. Most of the core bones are there, to show what it could be, without any of the substance. I initially wanted to put off showing everyone anything I'd done until I had more of a complete product, since when I did this last time, the absolute lack of engagement killed my drive completely, I realize toiling forever while pretending my work is TOP SECRET is also killing my enthusiasm for the project, so I might as well show you all what I've come up with, right? If you're interested in seeing what I've been working on, and maybe giving me some feedback, I've reinvigorated my original forum post about it:

Let's see if I can keep going after I reveal it this time! Wootwoot!
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Posted by wisecrack3 1 year ago Report

Hell yeah!


Posted by Morphy 1 year ago Report

Have no idea what I'm doing... but pushing buttons is neat! :)


Posted by Arthotus 1 year ago Report

I have some explanation in the forum thread.


Posted by Lovingutitis 1 year ago Report

Is there any way to change resolution settings? I can't get past the intro because I assume there's something I need to click on that's beyond the edge of my screen. If not, how do I get past the intro?


Posted by Arthotus 1 year ago Report

If you can change your screen resolution to 1980x1020, you should be able to see everything. If not, zooming out on your web browser should help. The next version should fit much smaller monitors.