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Updates Time : Change in the game and Informations about projects and all !

Posted by Zevourius 7 days ago


Hello dear hungry players and viewers !

Here is Zevourius tunning up for some news about why the next part is so late, what I'm working on, what will come, why I'm green, why the sky is not edible and why why!

So about the game first! Well to tell you the true I played the game when I have done chapter two and three (yeah chapter three is nearly done too ^^) and finded that the way the game is going is no more what I want.
Why? you will ask. Because in the begin I was thinking it's a little project I will do it in a simple way like that KuroNekoChan will help time to time and the community will love it with the time.
But I find that Kuro wanted to do more on the game and put a true story behind it and I was caugh in it ^^ and because I feel the community wanted more about it than just a little game so I take some decisions.
I decided to change the way and the story about and now what is coming is not chapter two and three of the game but part two, three and four of the first chapter ^^.
The first chapter will be focus on the formation of the main group of characters. The chapters that will follow after will be in two parts each with always a main arc boss in the end.
Before changes, a main line of chapters was decided but now I decided to open it more so the ending is already in my head with what will happen in the game and how it will lead to it but the number of chapters is open now.
It will introduce more the main characters of the game so more stories about Zevius, Sam, Obsidius and the last character that will come soon ^^ or will it be the true last? You will see ;).

On another side I'm working on a little game on that's shorter than the current project and about Wicked Inc. So a game about Sam from KuroNekoChan and someone else ^^.
It will be a RPG game more based on the right choices than fighting. I will talk about that in the next month and post some teaser to let you guess what it is and who will be on the menu ^^.
But that will be after part 4 of chapter one for spoiler reasons.

On another hand, I'm looking at the new RPGmaker MZ that will come soon and will try to migrate Ravenous Quest on it if I can. Like that I will have a better way to add more things easily.
But KuroNekoChan asked me a good question about it that I don't know yet. Can it be playable on most of the computers with lower version of windows or lower PC.
Well I don't know... So I will make a little game on it to test when it will be released. And do the same with a android version.
I already have an idea who will be on the menu for this adventure :). Someone green ... with a tasty body. But that is for later!
If you want to see what I'm talking about here are some links for you ^^ :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFAFCb-kDKk The new musics are freaking damn good.

And about the questions on the game, some misunderstand what I was saying. You can ask me directly about the game if you have some questions on it in PM. But KuroNekoChan don't know everything about it yet like that she can play with the game like other players and be surprise too ^^. But yeah she will play to the game before to test everything and tell me to add things and some story content here and there.
So main questions about the game : Zevourius
Questions and proposals about NPC characters to come : KuroNekoChan.
For the proposals we can't say yet if they will be in the game as event, bosses or ... Something else that will appear in Chapter Two but we will try to add as many tasty girls as possible in the game.
So please don't ask and spam KuroNeko to know if they will be in the game or not. Just make the proposal and we will try to do it ^^.
Sometimes we will do a poll about who the next girl on the menu will be in the game and at a moment in the game I will add some members of the community in the game as NPCs ^^ or diner... It's something Kuro and myself must talk about later.

I know it's a lot of reading but like that you have all the info you wanted ^^ Well ... I think ...

Some asked if Zevius is a character related to Sam so not directly. Zevius is a character that came from my mind and KuroNeko put him to live ^^.
Other characters will come soon from my side too. You will see them in the game and done in the comics from KuroNekoChan ^^. She has all the priorities to use them at her will.
And believe me with the ones that will come Zevius will need to do some Saitama's training after that!

About the part two of chapter one, I will do another update in two days with pictures about it and some info without spoilers ^^
Why in two days? Because the last week some nasty and terrible creatures called FRIENDS wanted to do a party every night before my birthday because they didn't see me enough those last months (coronavirus fault -_-)
So now I need some rest...
Tomorrow I will post on the post of the game : https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=58020
The main story about the game without spoilers of course like that your mind is going to be tortured about who will be on the menu and who is behind all that is going to happen in the game.
It's going to take me more time between the chapters because now we have a story to respect! I don't want to do something like the current games or movies with poor story that end like a lunch in a MC Donald!
Pretty much disappointed about what I have seen those last years!

So I invite you to check the post about the game in two days and after it because a lot of info are coming. And at the end of the week the link to the next part of the game on PC and Android is going to be available ^^.
Part 3 will follow quickly after. Part 4 will take more time but will follow too and then the little game ^^.
Don't forget KuroNeko and myself are doing it for the community freely and we have a IRL life too that take us sometimes so we have priorities and we will do what we can at the max when we can for the community to have a great game to play but like for everyone IRL FIRST!

So taking more time on the game to make it a better game and a game and a story you will remember! Not a simple meh-it-was-a-good-game thing!

More art commissions on my page to come too but time to time ^^.

So why the sky is not edible well ... We can't catch it! So we can't eat it!

And why I'm green? Well it's a good question! It's a funny story not funny ahah but just funny. It was on a Monday and ...

And about why why? Because!!

End Clap!

Take care and if you are in the USA right now take an extra care about yourself.

See you soon ^^!

Little update : Prologue of the game and some pictures of chapter One - Part Two tomorrow! Must decide what to add like that I don't spoil anyone.
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Posted by KuroNekoChan 7 days ago Report

well, that was the surprise, some extra chapters sooner after the official release as just as Zevourius said if you have suggestions about characters for the game just give me a shout ;3 https://aryion.com/g4/user/KuroNekoChan

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Posted by kitvander 7 days ago Report

Thanks for the update, although just a tad confused! I look forward to seeing more on it tomorrow, and it sounds like Chapter 2 is coming soon, so yay!

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Posted by MangleNekomini 6 days ago Report

yay i cant wait im very excited :D

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Posted by veles1588 6 days ago Report

Awesome,thank you for the detailed update, and looking forward to all of it!

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