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New Profile Pic

Posted by Smoge16 1 year ago


I prooooobably shoulda mentioned this the other day when I actually changed it. Buuut.

I got a new profile picture! The art was done by @Meltingfoxy on twitter and the coloring was done by  solodots!

It was kind of prompted by having a few people reach out to and start chatting with me on twitter, and at some point during each conversation, they all mentioned how they were surprised at how I acted and what my personality was like. I guess Sensei was sort of giving off the impression I'm an grumpy old boomer :P

So I decided it was finally time to retire Ol' Sensei, and in his place I figured I might as well slap up another picture of Mari cause she's already all over my page at this point.

I don't think this one is quite accurate either, but it should still be more accurate than Sensei was.
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Posted by ThirtyCelcius 1 year ago Report

Sensei is gone but not forgotten, godspeed to the og


Posted by Smoge16 1 year ago Report



Posted by Boondoggle 1 year ago Report

I like it! Cute expression!