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Re-Uploading Old Content

Posted by Halcyon 2 years ago


Hello everybody!

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be revisiting some of my old works over the next few days and editing some content I don't think is representative of my current style. I might re-upload one or two pieces with minor changes. In particular, I plan to take some of my fanfiction works and change them a bit to be non-fanfiction.

If you want to preserve any of my works in the original form, please make sure you download them now! I won't be providing any old versions of stories once I re-upload them!

Thanks always for reading and take care,

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Posted by Maexam2 2 years ago Report

So you're revisiting your old works... Is this limited to your stories only?


Posted by NightRoller 2 years ago Report

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