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Art gift

Posted by Mecho 5 months ago


I just want to say Thank you for the peeps that follows me, giving comments on my work and encourages the inspiration. So, to show you my appreciation I will give one (But only one) person an art wish. Tho, there is rules:

1. You must have been a fan of my work before (Follower, commenting and stuff
Like that)

2. If you have been granted an art wish from me before I can't do it again.

3. If you are waiting for me to doing a commission, and you have already mentioned said
Commission. You can't get it as a art Wish. (Comms will be Comms) But you can make a wish beside the comm.

4. Give me time om the art. I will not do a hard dead line on it. It can take 2 says, or 2 months.
All depending on my inspirational flow.

5. And last. The wish must be something that feels comfy for me to draw. Like always. My don't:
Preg stuff
Female pred
Sexual underage stuff

So, if you are interested, comment here or via PM. And, this
isn't something I will do often. So it's a rare opportunity o3o The winner will be decided by the android gods (Aka by coincidence)
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Posted by Extermina 5 months ago Report

This seems really cool, not going to lie. Good luck to everyone!


Posted by Badfurson 5 months ago Report

Huh, neato!


Posted by Justsomeone 5 months ago Report

Awesome of you to offer something this cool!


Posted by Sexywiggle423 5 months ago Report

I’ve already been granted my beautiful art wish, so now it’s time to see what other ideas you’ll take!


Posted by GigiFabulous 5 months ago Report

Can I DM you on Discord for this?


Posted by Mecho 5 months ago Report

Sure thing! :)