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August Update! Resuming Writing, Trello, and Birthday

Posted by lutro 2 years ago


I hope everyone's getting along alright. Stay strong.

Wanted to post a little update, now that we're in August of a tumultuous year for many. Through the powers of procrastination, I took the last two months off from writing more-or-less. From one week to the next I just felt like doing other things or not much at all. I could say "it's due to current events" but honestly it was just laziness. Not the end of the world, but I'm just grateful that those who have been sitting in my queue for a while have been outstanding and patient. Thank you.

I now have a Trello board for my writing queue. You can find it here: I've used Trello for years prior and have always enjoyed its simplicity, and now I'm moving what I formerly hosted on Eka's Portal to there! You can see what I'm currently writing, both commissions and personal projects alike, and it will always be up to date. I recommend it to anyone who needs a way to easily organize stuff. Note that I would not recommend putting personal info up there (you'll notice I don't post emails or the sort up there, just usernames). Keep that stuff in a Private board, or better: Offline!

Finally, birthday's coming up. Nothing too exciting planned (normal -- not due to current events), but I know a lot of others tend to identify the special day upcoming for them. So, the 17th is the magical date.

Stay safe everyone!
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Posted by voidrunner 2 years ago Report

You have an August birthday to? :O Mine is August 14th