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Some words on the new animation

Posted by CakeInferno 1 year ago


Considering I haven’t posted in quite a while, it felt like a good idea to slowly warm up folks to a new release that’s coming up in a couple of weeks! I usually never announce these beforehand anymore as I tend to feel pressured by hype, but considering this film is over 10 minutes long and took me 6 months to animate, I might at least let people know it’s coming. After all it will just be one gallery item that might quickly get buried underneath other posts, hah!

The Patreon version is already out there, but I’m taking a few more weeks to polish it up and extend it by an additional scene, as well as a couple of bonus angles for a selected number of vore scenes. The animation is going to be quite a bit different from the previous ones, as it’s made to represent a videogame boss fight. It takes a lot more emphasis on story and characters, as I wanted to clearly set it apart from my previous animations that were mainly just quick nom scenes with little context. Overall it’s a lot more intended as a short film than just a vore animation, while still guaranteeing that there won’t be any shortage of nommy scenes. In fact this one probably has the highest amount of vore scenes yet, but that was why the scenario of a boss fight made perfect sense for a film like this!

This new animation is also featuring a couple of new voice actors, with the most prominent being GenLightningTurtle as the new voice for Zoe. Note that Hestia is still in this animation and will probably remain for future films, albeit it mostly in supporting roles! This is also the first time that there’s actual dialogue and banter between the two main characters. At first I was a bit reluctant on the idea, but those doubts were quick to fade away after seeing how well the actors delivered the lines from the script. So far the reception on Patreon has been the best yet by a long shot, needless to say that I can’t wait for posting the public release! <:

Animation Leaks

I’m aware that leaks are currently running wild, in fact so much that I’m barely able to keep up with them anymore. For now I’m going to give a fair warning that I’ve been taking action on some of these uploads. Just a little heads up that Youtube channels should be aware that their account is tied their Google profile, and getting banned from Google’s services can have devastating consequences. Quite a few channels that are leaking this animation also uploaded other films that I’ve made, making it possible for me to issue multiple takedown notices and easily get a channel terminated from one day to another. I know how punishing their system can be, so I’m never going to cripple someone with multiple strikes, but the risk/reward ratio people are willing to take keeps baffling me. Especially when it’s about something that will be posted freely in the next month anyways.

For now I’d like to kindly ask people to avoid leaks and wait for the extended version next month, which will also have a few more visual effects that I didn’t manage to finalize for the early Patreon version.
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Posted by deletobn219gh6 1 year ago Report

Ooooooooh I can't wait!

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Posted by Hentai7733 1 year ago Report


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Posted by Bowyer2 1 year ago Report

I love to see more of your giantess vore related work.

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Posted by shrunkenone 1 year ago Report

As someone who subscribes to Cake's patron and has seen the video, it's well worth the wait.
No spoilers, but the dialogue was phenomenal. Both the banter, and other verbal exchanges between Zoe and the main character are so much fun.
And the vore scenes are some of the best views yet.
I look forward to seeing the additional footage when the free version is released.
And I hope you're able to continue using GenLightningTurtle as Zoe, as her line delivery was amazing. I didn't think I could crush on Zoe any harder until I heard her speak those lines.
Not to mention the subtle facial animations of Zoe; those, plus Gen's delivery, really brought her to life.

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Posted by HellFlair 1 year ago Report

Can hardly wait to see what you're going to do.

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Posted by NikkuWstsu 1 year ago Report

You're the goat

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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 1 year ago Report

Ooh this is quite exciting :3

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Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago Report

I can't wait to see this! So sorry that some folks leaked it already. :(

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Posted by Skittles209 1 year ago Report

There were leaks? Congrats, your on par with triple a studios then. Just saying. Never cam across any leaks just vore video reactions, reposts of your work, and weird memes around them.

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Posted by joeburp22181 1 year ago Report

Always been a big fan Cake. Keep up the good work! You'll shine through in the end.

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Posted by JustNothing 1 year ago Report

I'm pretty sure that this Animation will give you the status of a god. Praise the cake :O

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Posted by wisecrack3 1 year ago Report

You're one of the few users who can genuinely get me hyped, that one mixed live action video that got spread over Youtube is what made me aware of the community and your work is definitely in the top echelon level of the entire genre!

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Posted by Novalori 1 year ago Report

Seeing you take a more story and character based approach over just doing your usual quick vore shorts is really interesting and I hope it works well. The idea is definitely appealing and I look forward to it

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Posted by Hereforvore 1 year ago Report

I stumbled upon one of the leaked ones a few days ago, they left in the message at the start about it being a work in progress. As much as a ban from google might sound bad, it really won't deter some people, as new accounts are easily made.

I suppose at the very least it's obvious who actually makes them, not that that's much of a comfort I suppose.

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Posted by undead1520 1 year ago Report

A video over 10 minutes long? Aliright you have my attention.

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Posted by ImmortalPrey 1 year ago Report

The wait will surely be worth it~

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Posted by Ratchet 1 year ago Report

I'm really excited mate. The amount of work and detail you put into your animation is just amazing and really inspiring. Keep it up mate.

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Posted by Aickavon12 1 year ago Report

Oh I do remember seeing a leak and I was like 'I don't remember Cakeinferno posting this'. Next day it got taken down. The funny thing was, it was a video... OF A VIDEO! I'm super hyped up to see the actual finished production from the one and only :D

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Posted by somethingsomething2077 1 year ago Report

We gonna miss Zoe's old voice actor but i understood her decision, lets go bois

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Posted by delet0bn2609 1 year ago Report

I'm sorry, but did you say in there "selected number" of vore scenes? You had mt interest, now you have my attention.

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Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Sounds awesome! You really put a ton of effort into everything, so I'm glad it's coming together for you.
And I did see a leak around, but yeah, it's only fair to let you finish and be the source.

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Posted by Nobodyofintrest321 1 year ago Report

very excited! Sorry about the leaks. Keep doing amazing work and people will support you!

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Posted by Bigfatpiggy 1 year ago Report

Best of luck dealing with scumbags...

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Posted by HentaiProdigy 1 year ago Report

Been avoiding leaks like a plague and just stalking your Patreon page instead. Finding out the video will be extended makes that idea even more compelling, haha. Super excited for it! Your work is always superb.

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Posted by 2quick4u 1 year ago Report

I thought hestia retired?

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Posted by CakeInferno 1 year ago Report

The samples were recorded a while ago, which was before she announced it I believe!

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