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The unicorn of vore

Posted by Mecho 4 months ago


So, it's getting late here. And my head are spinning with many philosophical and exstencial questions.
Like, what is the secret to happiness?
What is the meaning of life?
What comes after death?
Why are double pred scenarios so disliked?
Help a lost soul to understand. I really want to.

In regular porn. Double anything (Threesomes) are very popular. In vore on the other hand, it's so rare! It's almost like a unicorn. A pretty, majestic vore unicorn.
Don't get me wrong. It's totally fine not liking/liking stuff. So this isn't me try to bash on others in any way~ If I want something, I will draw it for myself (Or commissioning peeps to do it) Easy as that~

Guess it's just me being a crazy fanboi about things. You know that feeling when you meet someone who dosen't like chocolate? Like, you don't bash on them. But one part of you wanna scream "Hey! This guy dosen't like chocolate!?" But in this metaphor. The peep who dosen't like the tasty sweets are like...everyone. So you stand there by yourself and like "Ey. why dosen't anyone like something this tasty?"

You guys better watch out, or I will be a JeVoras's Witnesses. Knocking on peoples door rambling about double male pred stuff and robots.
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Posted by EnderDracolich 4 months ago Report

Hmm. I think it is a reflection of the dom/sub dynamic in BDSM? You don't often see multiple doms sharing the same sub, and I think the rarity of multiple pred situations is just a reflection of that.

Plus, there's just the practical matter that unless you're doing hard vore, a prey can only end up in one belly at a time (unless you're talking about voreception type stuff, which is different.)


Posted by Mecho 4 months ago Report

Sounds like a good theory. But I must say. Double doms in BDSM sounds wonderful! :D Making the situation even more humiliating for the sub~


Posted by z3d 3 months ago Report

I think the concept “tug of vore” is just that. Two preds trying to consume prey on a manner where the victor gets the prey in their body