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Almost Caught Up

Posted by Wolfy 1 year ago


So my Octummber 2019 is almost done, finally getting it finished nearly a year later HAHA whoops.

Yet, hopefully I dont fall back on this year's prompt. The creator had already released the new list:

So you want to try for your own version (or dont I ain't your mom) there is the link.

Like last year, mine will be themed: Monster Hunter
HOWEVER I'm actually going off my own list so if you see the days dont match, its just going to be my prompt. Maybe I'll do next year's one will be by the creator again. Either Space or Dino themed.
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Posted by Topazert 1 year ago Report

Best of luck,Wolfy. Hope you have fun with it!


Posted by Aces 1 year ago Report

I can't wait.