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Commission status

Posted by ragnar 1 year ago



Commissions are OPEN

For a number of reasons I'm leaving commission lineups a little looser. I won't have fixed slots, but I'll see that I keep an updated list of ongoing commissions and estimated times until completion.

Anyone interested in a commission may contact me at any time and get a spot reserved. However I won't reserve spots if the 'lineup' already stretches for over a month.

Further information and/or better explainations will be added here when I have some more time ^^'

Estimated waiting time for new commissions: ~1/12/2020
Current lineup:
-C. - Two full colour comic pages - estimated completion time ~12/11/2020
-K. - Sketch commission - estimated completion time ~13/10/2020
-B. - Two full colour comic pages - estimated completion time ~30/11/2020
-S. - Sketch - estimated completion time ~1/12/2020
-H. - Two comic pages - estimated completion time ~15/12/2020

Weekly sketch commission rounds
It is possible, but not guaranteed, that I will livestream sketch commission rounds on Sundays.
This means that, if I'm going well with my schedule through the week with the big commissions, I'll dedicate a few hours in Sunday to sketch commission livestreams, outside the lineup order (athought any sketch commissions already in the lineup will take priority).
Sketch commission rounds will generally be announced on Saturdays and take place on Sundays

Stay ravenous &/or delicious.
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Posted by NeonElf 1 year ago Report

I hope it all goes well! You got this Rag♡


Posted by ragnar 1 year ago Report

Thank you, my dear


Posted by ragnar 1 year ago Report

I've unfortunately had a bad streak these last few days - a combination of headaches, unforeseen obligations, and a couple more hitches; so progress has been almost non-existent. So unfortunately I have to move the estimated completion time for the entire lineup a few days forward.
Thanks for your patience!


Posted by ragnar 11 months ago Report

Unfortunately I have had some troubles with keeping up with my schedule in the past two weeks, and to top it off I'm currently ill, so completion times have been drastically moved forward.
I apologize for any inconvenience