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Important Updates (Contest, YCH, +More)

Posted by Aesir 1 year ago


Hello Everyone.

Sometimes I'm a dummy and forget that not everyone follows my Twitter, so I'm hear to inform you all of the situation.

First of all the Contest ends in like 3 days!! Get your submissions in!

Ok, now besides the contest.

I'm sure plenty of you are wondering about the lack of streams or YCH updates. That's primarily what this is about.

I'm currently suffering a pretty severe ear infection. I've been to the doctor, gotten meds, it will HOPEFULLY be cleared up by Drawlloween, but until I can go without pain I'm not going to be forcing myself to do any work. The pain is fever inducing, and makes it extremely difficult to focus on anything. It sucks. Plus I had a growth removed from my back as well, which required stitches and has left my shoulder pretty sore. Apparently I have pretty thick skins so they kept having to get sharper and sharper needles or something??? And they had to stitch it 5 or 6 times just because of how much bleeding there was, they kept having to replace it with wider and wider thread. By the time they finished, the numbness has worn off. So...Ya. Sore. I have a followup on the 30th to get the stitches removed, so at least that won't interfere with Drawlloween.

This is obviously not what people want to hear but it's possible the finished YCH and bonus pic get pushed all the way back to November. I am really, really sorry if that's the case, I feel fucking miserable about it. I will definitely be working on is ASAP if this ear thing clears up soon, or at least clears up enough that there's no pain, but I cannot promise anything.

The last thing I want to say is that this month had a few nonvore NSFW public releases. The same will be true in November. They WILL NOT be posted on Eka's. If you're interested in that kind of art, I recommend following my Twitter or Pixiv. I still feel Eka's should primarily be vore art. I especially think some of the malexfemale stuff that pops up when I do that sometimes clashes with my wholly f/f rep here.

I also recommend following my twitter if you want more consistent updates on things, though fair warning I do also just talk about my interests and post a lot more than just art. Sometimes people think of that as a bonus, sometimes a negative. I even do short horror reviews sometimes! People seem to like those. I also post dumb little doodles you don't get to see anywhere else so...

Thank you for your time and, hopefully, your understanding.

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Posted by secrettome 1 year ago Report

Dang man saw the stuff about the ear infection but managed to miss the part about the growth. Hope you can rest up and enjoy yourself.

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Posted by kat624 1 year ago Report

Take the time you need to rest up and recover. personal health comes before all else.

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Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

Your health is something you should worry the most and it seems you have a lot of issues with it. So don't worry about you not posting and take care of yourself first, sometimes life tosses these things at you. Although my Twitter is blocked I was considering creating a new one and you gave me another reason for that. I love when artist are more open with their followers and I love horror movies. Wish you the best !

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Posted by Kroel 1 year ago Report

Sorry to hear that. Take care.

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