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Poll results + Approaching 300 watchers

Posted by anyonarex 2 weeks ago


Ok so in terms of the poll results, original stories featuring younger characters was out in front and more fanfiction was right behind it. Both of them were way ahead of the other results so I'll keep that in mind going forward. Expect to see a big focus on original stories with tasty little boys and girls, and a return to fanfiction as well from me going forward. X3 #

In other news I also hit 5000 total faves recently, and i'm about to cross 300 watchers here. :o That's massive growth from last year and if it keeps up the momentum I could well be at 500 by this time next year which would put me as one of the more popular writers on this site. :p Obviously it's not all a numbers game but i'm really happy people appreciate the type of work I'm making/commissioning. <3 Thanks for all the support guys and hopefully I can keep making it worth your while.

In other news still I have one more older fic to upload featuring Bambi and a couple of other famous Disney characters. X3 So expect that soon, after that idk what i'll be uploading since the mood to write lately has been coming and going, but regardless I should be out in full force again come January. :p
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