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Searching for commissions

Posted by Mecho 3 months ago


So first of.

I have started on doing tutorials and other stuff. Improving my art. So if you guys know about any good tricks, or nice tutorials. Please let me know :)
I'm especially interested in lightning, nice line art, filters and structures at the moment.

And second

I'm in the search for a peep who can draw a sketch for me. The sketch would be used as a base for me to train tutorials on. And I think it's nice to see stuff being drawn in a different art style then mine. Are you a person who is on the sketchy side? Please contact me~ I won't bite. I can pay you in USD, or do a trade. You decide~

And last...

What do you guys want to see more of? o3o
Got any nice pred ideas?

Then let me know!
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Posted by GigiFabulous 3 months ago Report

Hey I can do a sketch for you if you want. Message me on Discord to discuss it further


Posted by Corbett5248 2 months ago Report

Once I'm cleared of commission slots I'd love to do a story for some of your art if you are interested. I'll let you know but if I finish fast enough we could have like a Christmas or Thanksgiving theme if you like ;3


Posted by Mecho 2 months ago Report

You are very welcome on doing so! o3o Use it as you wish. I'll give you free hands.


Posted by Corbett5248 2 months ago Report

I just thought of this and then immediately thought of you Mecho. Cybernetic naga pred...maybe Alpha and Omega get an upgrade in an art piece having very long snake tails.

Also why not some translucent colored silicone on parts of their bodies?~ Like a translucent lower jaw and throat so you can see prey slowly sliding down from the outside?

Random vore thoughts I had that might interest you ;3


Posted by Mecho 2 months ago Report

I really like the idea with the translucent parts. Thanx for that =3

I will not change any of my OCs designs. But doing a cybernetic naga pred from the beginning is a nice idea. I'm a fan~

Thanx for your input man o3o