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Coming Soon!

Posted by fixated1 9 months ago


I promise I haven't disappeared. After a months long wait on getting my tablet repaired I did promise an update to the comic in September. Why did I do that? I know better than that. But I'm here. I have been shaking off the rust. Then I started a trial version of a very robust and very expensive animation program and realized I had weeks to make an animation. So I've been doing that while working two jobs and interviewing for a third. Being an artist, temporary/seasonal jobs can be a rough lifestyle. But the animation is just in need of some polishing, then I can put that away. Maybe I can even offer animations up to you guys in the future. That's definitely not a promise.

But I do promise I'm still here and the next thing on my list is the next page of Zoey's comic.
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Posted by Littledude 9 months ago Report

Been looking forward to your comic coming back for some time. Amazing you’re working 2-3 jobs and still doing this.