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Writing vore

Posted by Mecho 2 months ago


So I have thought about trying out writing stories for some time now.
The only things that scares me are time and the language. But as I will start
an English class it could be a nice way to learn.

Though, I have little ideas on what to write about at the moment. What would be a nice
story to start with? What scenarios do you guys want me to write about? :)
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Posted by GigiFabulous 2 months ago Report

Would love a scene of your beasty boys gulping down some guys they spotted partying.


Posted by coop500 2 months ago Report

Write short self indulgent stuff first, don't even worry about a solid plot, just... Write some little scenario you wanna try in your head and work from there. That's how I truly started, after I gave up writing because I started with too big of ideas and projects and never finished them.