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Patreon/Subscribestar Update

Posted by Aesir 11 months ago


As has been discussed onstream and in Discord, we're updated the Patreon/Subscribestar rewards in order to simplify things and get more work done.

$3 and $5 fans will see basically no change. However, larger projects will be exclusive to $10 fans. Monthly Polls will now be focused on broader ideas rather than a hyper specific picture and will likely influence the work for the whole month. Commissions, a hotly requested thing, should be able to be finished more regularly.

This is a trial, and we may add a few things if people would like, such as CSP files for the works. Feel free to add suggestions below or in the Discord's #Suggestion-Box.

In addition, I'll be posting what work I CAN on both sites as well, more regularly, since we will no longer be required to centralize everything on Discord. This means many people who didn't WANT to join Discord, or did so begrudgingly, can feel free to separate themselves from it. keep in mind that Patreon is an extremely restrictive site, and I recommend only signing up on it if you can ONLY pay through Paypal and would like to join the Discord.

I've made these decisions after talking it over with other artists in the community. The core of the issue we're trying to address is to lessen negative feelings by removing RNG rewards, as well as avoiding rewards that become increasingly more difficult the more people join on.

If you feel strongly about this situation, one way or another, I'd like to hear it below or in Discord.


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