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Incoming Vore Pack

Posted by VoraciousArtistry 11 months ago


Same-Size Fatansy Vore Story and Sequence Pack

Featuring three vore stories with renders included:
- An Adventurous Appetite (Naga Pred, F/FFF)
- A Centaur Saviour (Centauress pred, F/MMM)
- A Lady bears her Fangs (Werewolf pred, F/FF Weight Gain)

And three sequences:
- The Danger of Mermaid Cove (Mermaid Pred, F/M)
- A Widening Witch (F/multiple, Post Vore, Digestion, Weight Gain)
- A Stuffed Sphinx (Sphinx Pred, F/FFMM)

Will be available this weekend for $7.50 USD from my e-junkie store.
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Posted by miner249er 11 months ago Report

looking forward to it

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Posted by Wolfknight130 11 months ago Report

Can't wait ^w^

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Posted by Omnomplus 11 months ago Report

Groblek (with lady drasami also have something with a Sphinx coming out. ) It might be good to promote each other's work to Sphinx fans.

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