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Tight or Round belly

Posted by Rosebud 10 days ago


I like both really, but which ones do you you guys like?~
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Posted by yes 10 days ago Report

I really like tight bellies with clear features of the prey. I only like round bellies if they're really soft and squishy.


Posted by Yoshimaster96 9 days ago Report

Both are good in their own way, hehe~


Posted by Zen_Coyote 9 days ago Report

admittedly I am more the fan of the round belly, but tight bellies are good too if they aren't too tight.


Posted by Blakesnorf 9 days ago Report

Both are pretty great, tight bellies are good to show off prey but round bellies are nice to show off a digested prey or a belly full of food!


Posted by z3d 9 days ago Report

that is hard to choose, Tight bellies are very neat : 3


Posted by saintheartwing 9 days ago Report

Nice round ones, personally...


Posted by DejiruHerald 9 days ago Report

I like both as well, but tight is a bit higher up


Posted by Geezbx 9 days ago Report

They're both good,but personally I think that round is better


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 9 days ago Report

Tight is a <3 from me personally


Posted by satanistsuicide 6 days ago Report

tight bellies mostly

tight is sexy :P

although round bellies cuz they're really cute!