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Celebrating another year at Eka's

Posted by LordStorm 7 days ago


Yup, for me at least, another year has come and gone here at the portal.
This year has been a rough one for I assume most of us in one way or another.
Though my output took a nasty hit, I promise I have no intentions of going anywere!
Well here is to a new year and more well cooked tasty treats ;)
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Posted by Zevourius 7 days ago Report

Happy Birthday !! ^^
I hope the next one will be better !


Posted by milkysuisei 7 days ago Report

happy birthday, and pouts shoving the casket back under the floorboards


Posted by Kamelagram 7 days ago Report

merry birthmas


Posted by kitvander 6 days ago Report

Happy Birthday! It's been a long year for everyone, but so glad you and others are still serving up the treats!