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Jaegers, anyone?

Posted by RemnArtX 10 months ago


I'm 7 years late into the bandwagon but I've finally came across this movie and I now realize how badass Pacific Rim is.

And topic aside, I really need to get back on track now, no time for sorrow.
Comment on Jaegers, anyone?


Posted by fireball3643 10 months ago Report

Hell yeah. Giant robots

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Posted by Badfurson 10 months ago Report

If ya like those, go check out Armored Core.

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Posted by Mettra 10 months ago Report

Armored core is an awesome game

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Posted by BigJohnHagerty 10 months ago Report

Hell yeah

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Posted by CaptainElusive 10 months ago Report

You dig giant robots,
I dig giant robots,
We dig giant robots,
Chicks dig giant robots

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Posted by Bright 10 months ago Report

Ey, Megas XLR!

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Posted by moonpunch101 10 months ago Report

It's one of the best movies i've ever watched.

Sequel was decent, too, though nowhere near as good as the original and definitely not as good as it could've been.

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Posted by Rothar 10 months ago Report

Hell yeah. Its an amazing movie.
Just make sure not to watch the second movie, its bloody awful.

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Posted by Dogedude 9 months ago Report

Just wait till Pacific Rim 3 comes out, if it ever does, than watch Pacific Rim 2 and laugh at us fools who thought it'd be good.

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