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I need a break...

Posted by TheLazyWizard 5 months ago


Hello everyone! this post is more than anything a small update.
Well, I know that I have not been very active in the forum, and thanks to the school I have been busier than usual, a semester online is not easy ...
For this same reason I would like to take a break from drawing, well not exactly,drawing vore,so that I can take advantage of it and "polish" my technique by drawing other things that I may post here.
Unfortunately I can't really say when I'll be back, maybe in a couple of months as my next semester starts right after it's over, so I won't have any free time ... I appreciate your understanding, on the other hand I may be working on a couple of pending projects at this time. (I don't want to have any illusions but a possible "playing with mom" remastering is coming up) ... Let's hope everything goes well.
Without more to say, stay safe and happy new year everyone!
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Posted by doomed 5 months ago Report

stay safe and strong dude , take the well deserved break and comeback when you’re ready . We will be waiting patiently


Posted by Robotdocter 5 months ago Report

take as long as you need or want, we can be patient, good luck out there and stay safe tho c:

The Core

Posted by The Core 5 months ago Report

You do your thing, take as much time as you need, we'll still be here..........probably haha


Posted by delete0n269h 5 months ago Report

Happy new year to you too and good luck with your studies.
Hope to see you back soon.


Posted by smog1 5 months ago Report

A happy Christmas and New year to you as well :(


Posted by courtoftheweirdos 5 months ago Report

Good luck comrade! Hope things go well.


Posted by Crazyalex62 5 months ago Report

good luck