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Year recap and plans for 2021...

Posted by RemnArtX 9 months ago


Year Recap

Hello everyone, as we know this year was extremely rough for everyone but at least it's coming to an end, here's hope 2021 unveils a better year, yes I'm aware this can age like milk under the sun... But either way, this year's recap won't be too much, I met a lot of people and I do feel my art has improved since last year, but I'm still looking forward to get better and better, this year has been filled with quite some variety as the cool stuff came in later in recent months, but honestly I'd like to keep doing that so keep your eyes peeled, I want to have more variety on my art and have people see beyond the vore and nsfw scenario, if you're not interested in that it's all good! See it as a tiny optional bonus, overall: I have mixed feelings towards this year but I feel it could've gone a lot better for me, I feel I didn't learn enough yet and my work space is not the best honestly, but there's been improvement since last year so that's good!


Honestly I'm not sure if I'd ever set up a Patreon, not until they have chilled with their ToS, I heard some very bad stuff about it and I think it's best for me to search another alternatives, Subscribestar sounds quite good but my concern is it's secondary option popularity, as in I might not get as much support as if it were Patreon because that's always the most popular site for this stuff, but if I ever make a Subscribestar I'd greatly appreciate all support, I don't think I have the time or consistency to keep a stable drawing schedule, so as much as I'd love to bring rewards and tiers to grant people stuff for their help it seems unlikely... Yet. What I could do is share WiPs and make some polls on what to draw, possibly offering a monthly free sketch to a random supporter, it should fall into what I can draw, though! But I gotta mention, this method is some way to help me and draw more personal stuff and not rely on Commissions entirely because that's what I've been doing for almost 2 years, doesn't mean I won't do more comms, of course I will! Oh that reminds me, this year I want to get to brand new customers that never had the chance to commission me or are waiting way too long in the queue, always up to get with new people! Despite your thoughts or choices about this, I'll appreciate all your support in any way! Subscribestar, comments, faves, notes, everything, being here and knowing that my name has a meaning in the community is just surreal to me still!

Commission Prices Increase

Right... I know some might not like this part but sadly it's fairly necessary, as the section says, Commission Prices are gonna increase, I'll try to keep it fair and not go way too ahead of it, there are factors to consider here, main one being the improvement of my art and skill... Which unfortunately increases the time and effort a piece takes regardless of it being a sketch or full drawing, as well as real life needs and other stuff. However, this price increase will also encourage people to ask for easier, faster and economic pieces, quick coloring and shading, rougher lines for a considerable shorter price than a full drawing, so I hope you decide to give them a shot sometime! I will make a journal to notice everyone when the prices take action in, that means people that contact me from now on will have to go with the updated prices, although current people in queue won't have those prices applied to them, that would be unfair so if you're waiting for me to get to your commission, don't worry and thank you for your patience! Same goes to everyone!

Trades and more interaction among artists and audience

Something I've been very lacking these years are trades, heavily because I've been focusing on my own stuff as much as I could, but my hopes are that with this overhaul on my artistic field I'll be more able to do art trades, however, I'll have to make some rules and adjustments so the pay off for everyone is equal, as in depending on the trader's skills it can range from full things to color lines, lines, colored sketches and sketches, keep on mind my intention is not to discourage or offend anybody, I was just like you a good while ago! So if you're interested in this part, just keep an eye on me!


I always want to take my might to the next level and show what I'm capable of, so I have one or two animations in mind, vore animations by the way, sadly they won't be commission options as I'm just testing the waters here, I'm sure I can get it done, the problem is... The time it would take, and for my sake I plan to have them as sketches only, hope you understand! I'm not gonna spoil much about it, but just wanted to let you know about this little idea I have in mind.

New Characters and Character depth

This is a little special for me, I know I don't share a lot about my characters and all you know it's mostly based off what you see from them, but I have ideas and concepts of them I'd like to write and unwrap what's behind each face you see. I'm not gonna underwhelm the surprise, most of my planned characters are Pokemon and a couple are gonna be original, thankfully the PokeOCs are the easiest ones to develop because they don't have a super strict connection among my main characters, which have their own arcs even!


It's been a LONG while since I made my last one, and so I'd try making one this year, again, to step up to a next level and test myself. Wait wait! I have to tell you that these slots would be for Prey only... Because Yinwa is gonna be the pred here! I know... I might be pampering her a lot recently but she just means a lot for me, and here is where you take action! (If you want of course!) I plan to have a good lot of slots, with many sizes, internal and external views, characters per customer and etc. It would also go into a full 3 or (4 depending on everyone's choice) part sequence. I want to detail more about it but it's gonna be best to do it once I'm quite close to make it a thing, oh and in case you're wondering you'd only have to pay for one part, the other 2 or 3 are totally on me! That's it for this section, thanks for reading it and I'd greatly appreciate your participation here!

... Voice Acting?

This is not clear, I might back this out haha, but I love voice acting and I always had a thing for it, however I need a lot more practice on it, doesn't mean I can't give it a shot and do some stuff for fun, this is mostly a little idea rather than a plan, and in case y'all are wondering too, I meant SFW Voice acting, let's keep my NSFW role only being drawings!

If you read it all the way, Thank you! I say this a lot but it really really really means soo much to me! This is all I got for now, and so I'll get back to my business, have a great day!
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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 9 months ago Report

Certainly a very interesting list of updates for sure. Im also certainly interested to comm you same day too for the first time never had the chance to yet and usually whenever I could the exact thing you've mentioned happened, you were already filled out xd so I'm curious to see how the price change will end up to see if I can actually still afford anything. Other then that everything else sounds interesting too, i understand the issue with patreon, it really sucks for sure but I hope you'll manage to find something suitable that works out for everyone! And overall I hope for a good year for everyone here as well^^ always been a big fan of your stuff so keep up the wonderfull work and stay amazing<3

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Posted by SlickDratini 9 months ago Report

I agree that a pricing change is probably what you want. Anyone who really wants a piece can find ways to get one, like when I split a commission with someone else and stuff like that. Anyone who whines about it when they're not willing to spend more are cheapskates and you can afford to price them out, especially if they're picky as well, and reach out for a more patient and considerate class of customer. Higher costs also make people think harder about the piece they're going to buy and why, meaning that the pieces they buy tend to be more satisfying than the cheaper low-hanging fruit ideas.

Whoops, listen to me ramble. Anyhow, I hope things go well for you in 2021, I'll be actively keeping an eye on how it goes! Especially in regards to that YCH, that sounds like a real barn-burner! ^O^

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Posted by Dunno987 9 months ago Report

Well Remn my man i hope this year treated you more fair than most others, but even if it didn't at least your arts becoming even
greater everyday.
But of course happy new years and heres to one much better than the last!

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