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January Polls are Up!

Posted by Aesir 9 months ago


With a new year, we're finally fully implementing the new poll style!

This month's first two polls are (1) for the obvious 2020 vs 2021 showdown like every year (I can't wait to post it in Feb and then have a bunch of people confused why it's a month late) and (2) with game series I'll be focusing fanart for the whole month.

The second poll means whichever one wins, I'm gonna be doing pics involving chars from that franchise for basically the whole month. So that's fun. :)

The vote, pledge to either Patreon or Subscribestar and then join the Discord!
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Posted by Loonnyx 9 months ago Report

Happy new year!
Success for you and I look forward to witnessing your beautiful friendly art! I've been with you for a long time, and I want to be able to support you when I can.

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Posted by delete0n269h 9 months ago Report

Great way to start the new year off with Aesir.

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