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More stories?!

Posted by mnil 5 days ago


No, I'm not going to vanish for a year after this story again.
In fact, at the time of writing I'm already halfway done with the next story I'm working on! This one will be especially gay... and horny.

I've been wanting to upload much more consistently here, but for the longest time I've hit a wall with how to continue where I've stopped at Dragon In the Glade. So I decided to do something different and write other stories that takes place in the same universe, and... Suddenly, I'm feeling constantly invigorated by ideas again! I think this shorter, random story format is easier for me to write in as I can author a bunch of other little ideas I've been entertaining without constraint.

That being said, I do plan to finish Dragon In the Glade. I'm very personally happy with how it turned out, and am excited to write more!
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