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Itty Bitty Update

Posted by JoraBora 8 months ago


Nothing major or serious, feel free to ignore.

Just went and removed a handful of pieces for mental health reasons. I know and respect that some of those ideas were some of peoples' favorites, and I feel the same. I may remake the concepts in more favorable forms in the future.
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Posted by TheMafian 8 months ago Report

You took down your own art? Did a lot of people express their discomfort about them??


Posted by JoraBora 8 months ago Report

"For mental health reasons," meaning it was my own choice, one I didn't make lightly. It was nothing recent, so don't fret in that regard.


Posted by TheMafian 8 months ago Report

Oh I see. Do you mind me asking which ones were they? It's fine if you don't though.


Posted by ProudVWriter 8 months ago Report

I don't blame you.


Posted by doomed 8 months ago Report

Cool ,


Posted by amerdism 8 months ago Report

Do what ya gotta do, better to lose some art than the artist


Posted by Kroel 8 months ago Report

Take care. Wish you the best. I guess I can vaguely relate. When you post something and its always bothering you in the back of your head. Your artwork is great!


Posted by xanderium 8 months ago Report

Not asking for you to put them anywhere, I respect your decision, but out of curiosity can I know which pieces this happened to?


Posted by Birichino 8 months ago Report

Well, you've got to take care of yourself first. Although now I'm curious about what was a problem and how, I won't pry.


Posted by SherlokKiril 8 months ago Report

I am sorry to hear you were struggling recently with your health. Be careful and take care, I hope it's nothing too serious