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Gonna Take a Break!

Posted by Relarity 8 months ago


I honestly have no clue how many of you are going to look at this, but I'd much rather inform you than leave you in the dark! It's as the title says, I'm taking a break!

The reason for this being I need time to focus on other areas of my life. Mental and physical health are important, and my thoughts have been kind of scattered lately, so I think taking a refresher would be a good thing, yes? I'd hate to lose my passion with drawing, so taking steps to avoid burnout would be both in my and your best interest. On the bright side, when I do get out of this rut there'll be a bunch of art piled up that will be ripe for posting.

I should note this break will be indefinite, and until what's done is done, I'll be working to sort things out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a Happy Valentines Day!
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Posted by mirrormind101 8 months ago Report

Hey, if you need a break then take it.

We all need time and it is up to you ^^


Posted by Jadex 8 months ago Report

Relarity searching for clarity, go get em!