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Random ramblings and comic ideas.

Posted by AGuyWithBigHair 3 days ago


Hey, this guy again.

Time has passed since my last random ramble, and once again work and other shenanigans has kept me from getting the next Tom and Mary story out in a reasonable time... sorry about that.

And once more commissioned art has been filling up my gallery more than the writings that the art is derived from. Which is why now late at night I am musing. Would I be able to get the story along if I started commissioning comics with me providing the scripts? I have no clue. Honestly I would love to be able to have Tom and Mary's hijinks be available to even more people. But comics obviously are a different beast than stories.

Would I be able to provide decent comic 'scripts' when my writing does take place in the characters heads a bit? Is the story so far good for comics? Should I wait until it is further along to think about adapting it to a comic? Should I just do goofy one off comics/art to fill the void while I try to manage this crazy work schedule?

And, most importantly, what mad man/madame would be willing to put up with me for however long it would take to DO this even if I decide to put my money where my mouth is.

I dunno, again it is late and this is mainly tired rambling. But I'd love to hear people's thoughts.
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