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Leaving Eka's and vore and kink shit.

Posted by DefinitlyOrginal 2 years ago


I don't think I can really be bothered to make a full post about it.
But I kinda very much so hate a lot of this community.
"Vore" encompasses so much stuff and like
It kinda throws me off.
I just like drawing moderately chumby characters with cozy vore shenanigans.
But a website like this kinda,
It's clunky, it's got underage preds and shit which is literally pedophillia. I just really don't like it here. I could rant and rave about it but I really don't care too. I just wanna move more towards SFW shenanigans in general as well.

I'm still gonna be drawing privately but I'm not going to be uploading anything.

However, I'm leaving a few of my OC's to . Namely, my OC Trella. He's a good person, and I'm voicing this publicly so he can have some proof in case some people decide to be weird about this, also so he can get a gallery up and running.
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Posted by TravelingDruid 2 years ago Report

Well hey, I 1000% respect your decision, and agree the underaged content is a disgusting issue that needs to be dealt with somehow. I know some safer places over discord and some folks on twitter who very passionately share your POV, if you PM me I could certainly welcome you to such places and people.

But if you wanna go for good I respect that and wish you the best. I loved your content and your artstyle was beautiful to witness, stay safe out there.


Posted by TF2ScoutGod 2 years ago Report

I agree on art style too


Posted by brandon14 2 years ago Report

Well, been a nice experience knowin' you. Stay safe on the outskirts of Eka's and farewell.


Posted by TF2ScoutGod 2 years ago Report

Well stay safe where ever ya go.
I’ll miss your art style . Well I should have saved some of ya art before this happened.


Posted by BadlyDrawnDedede 2 years ago Report

Hey dude, I completely agree with you on the underage argument. It's the one thing that can turn me from completely reasonable to raving madman, through everything else.

That said, stay safe in your travels, whatever may come your way. Here's to good fortune and health, my man. May God and all those above look down and smile upon you!