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Explaining myself / New account

Posted by CalinBeast 1 year ago


First off, I would like to apologize for disappearing so long ago on such short notice. Last time I posted here, I was at a point where I no longer wanted to continue this hobby.

Nothing particularly bad happened that turned me off from my content creation, but for a while, I was unsatisfied with a lot of things on my part, such as:

- My own bad habit of trying to please everybody (Feeling obligated to take requests/art trades, being "overly friendly" and unassertive)
- A lack of maturity or direction in my life, partly due to all my time spent here.
- Not being happy with my own artwork

In retrospect, however, I handled the situation very poorly. I'm still surprised by the amount of fans who seemed to enjoy my old content, so leaving the community on a whim with almost no explanation or warning was a dick move on my part. I at least owe it to everyone who followed my account to let you know that I'm not dead or something.

For anybody who still cares after all these years, my brand new FurAffinity account has been up and running for about a week now. From here, I will resume creating new content. But this account is as good as dead, and will be nothing more than an archive for my older stuff. I do not plan to revisit it. If you have any questions, or would just like to see my new artwork, check it out at

Otherwise, I hope this post will at least answer any questions you may have had concerning my sudden departure after all these years.

Thank you for all your support, and see you on the flip side.
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Posted by yes 1 year ago Report

I knew that was you on FA! Your M.O. of hungry cat ladies is too distinct. I'm glad you're still making art and feel better about it. See you on FA!


Posted by Baz 1 year ago Report

Don't feel obligated to folks.


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Is this new account going to have similar content? :D


Posted by Guest14456 1 year ago Report

Haha, I was sure it was you on FA ! The content was too specific. Your skills have improved a lot though, so congratulations !

Welcome back, we missed you a lot !!


Posted by Oxurus 1 year ago Report

Added you to my watch immediately. Your artworks are amazing, don't put yourself down... but don't feel like you owe anything to us either <3


Posted by Mechdragon1k 1 year ago Report

I love your work.


Posted by Jadex 1 year ago Report

As you do mate


Posted by AkaFudo 1 year ago Report

I knew I recognized that new artist that I saw on FA!