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how to handle Commissions ?

Posted by BarsfromMars 6 months ago


Hey guys,
so i've been thinking about how i am going to be handling commission work from now, since my momentary work does not give me much free time and its hard to say when i will get it. So i think i need to try something new. So my new plan is to just take comms and do them whenever i can find the time for them.
So Basicly:
- Commissions will not be restricted to a specific timeframe, but instead can be taken on when ever
- there wont be a concrete release date
- Updates about the progress can be slower than usual
- Prices are still the same as before

Note: This is a test to figure out if this works for me, so it might change in the future.
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Posted by AfraArt 6 months ago Report

Sounds reasonables

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