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More progress, and some completion of other stuff!

Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 13 days ago


Hey everybody, VoraciousShapeshifter again. I just thought I'd drop that I made a huge amount of progress (more than I expected really) in a rewrite of one of my stories, and plan to do more. I think I might actually take a shot at working my way through the two stories I've worked on so that they are finished or at least close to finished properly before moving on, then do another two, and so on, both because it's been so long and I know both all of you and myself are eager for me to finish, and because considering my current work either needs a boost and/or could use some rewriting, and I've decided to do a different approach to all the work I have to do, it can't hurt. It's worked so far I suppose...

I also, interestingly enough, managed to complete a couple games I've been working on today and yesterday, and had a lot of fun. For those who might be curious, yesterday's game finish was the original Destroy All Humans!, and today's was what was my final run-through of the original God of War. I really enjoy the sequels to those games, and look forward to playing them through as well (in the case of God of War 2, again). I might write some vore with the monsters in God of War one of these days, the Gorgons, Sirens, Minotaurs, Cerberi, Cyclops, etc. could all be fun to work with...

Along with that, I ordered a second laptop as a backup for my current one, since the one I'm using is getting old and has had some minor issues (when I move the cursor around, the screen will flicker or parts of it will move where I have the cursor, my computer has had a weird problem for a while where if the battery dies the internet connection won't work until I restart, stuff like that). Along with that, I finally ordered the two entries in the God of War series I haven't played or gotten yet, as well as a few other things, including a new hairbrush.

I've also done a huge amount of grocery shopping lately, buying some new tools, food, etc., and still have more to do, so it's been busy week. I'm kind of enjoying it actually, thrill of success I suppose. Lastly, I've got a vaccine for COVID tomorrow.

As I'm sitting here writing this, I just came back from about a mile walk (I don't have a car or a license) to a pizza place for dinner, and got it home, and am really hungry, and have a funny show to watch while I eat, so all in all, a pretty good if a bit exhausting day and week so far. Hope you all are doing okay out there, stay safe, I love all! (Kisses and hugs).
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