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[OVER] 1st APR W/END Sketch CMSN Streams (9-11)

Posted by A0IISA 13 days ago


Status: ENDED


Slots open after at 17:45 Eastern European Summer Time (14:45 UTC, 07:45 PDT & 10:45 EDT), on Friday, and once magic word is posted, if you want to commission, you will need to be quick and get the first 6!
3 more will added as backup in case of cancellations or getting all 6 done sooner than expected.

Work itself starts at 18:00 Eastern European Time (15:00 UTC, 08:00 PST & 11:00 EST) each day and last long as long as I have energy to work!


For $12, you can get simple single character sketch.
Flat colors for $15 while Full colors is $18.


Upgrading from FLAT to FULL is just additional $3. Colors will be added after all lines are done.

And $3 for additional character (1 extra max and 2 max ONLY if both extras are less than 50% visible) or detailed large prop or group of props.

20% OFF from total price for using any of my characters (visibly) and 30% OFF for remaking old sketch (1 year old at minimum).

For older pictures, tipping minimum of the half the price of the commission in question, you'll get the pic in full resolution.
Can be done for any pics since December 2017 until January 2019 and doesn't have to be yours!


Minimum 6 slots per weekend and 1 commission per customer for cool down for 2 events.
I might do more if there's time.

Be sure to check list of what I'm willing, probably willing and not willing to draw before making decisions, if something is unclear go ahead and ask me.

If you want to commission, you will need to be quick and get the first 6.

No ordering while being outside of the stream!
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