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Shading style

Posted by Boogellz 2 years ago


Aight amigos, I need some advice, which shading style o’ mine do you prefer? You got two choices: A. The blurred/smudged shading technique (example being the emo gurl pics). Or B. The simple low opacity technique (examples being every other piece I’ve done as of rn). I ask this because I want my art to be appealing and I want to know which shading style you’d rather see? Depending on how I get answers I’ll tally them up and figure it out from there.
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Posted by Icylobster3 2 years ago Report

The soft/smudged shading looks nice. Over time you'll learn new techniques and eventually find your preference. Do whatever you're comfortable with at the moment and maybe experiment shading on the side. That's just my two cents :D