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Upcoming Stories!

Posted by nosuspicious 7 days ago


Hello Darling Readers,

Just thought I'd give a quick update on what stories you all can look forward to in the coming month. I am still accepting commissions from any interested readers! Please DM me on Eka's Portal if you'd like to discuss a story idea and/or reserve a spot in my queue. I'd love to hear all about that saucy fantasy you're dying to see brought to life :)

    1. Two Alien Ladies Ate My Family! (FF/FFFM Oral Vore)
    Sequel to An Alien Lady Ate My Family! Hersa returns to earth with another Tundradaman friend of hers to show her just how tasty humans are. This time, they target a cliffside mansion where a wealthy family is celebrating their daughter's acceptance to a prestigious university.

    2. Ravenous Jealousy (F/M Macro/Micro Anal Vore, sexual teasing, bullying)
    A young lady can't stand the sight of her former best friend's excessive happiness with her new boyfriend. She decides to shrink them both and use them for her own pleasure, capping off the fuckfest by bringing the boyfriend to her butthole and 'stealing' him once and for all, all while her former friend watches.

    3. Delicious Double Date (F/M Macro/Micro Sexual Bullying + Oral Vore)
    Dante and James ask their crushes out on a double date. The two girls they ask enthusiastically agree, but unbeknownst to the boys, the two girls have a variety of secret kinks involving shrunken men that they're just dying to try out on the pair.

    4. Bite-Sized BDSM (F/M Macro/Micro Femdom + Oral Vore)
    A BDSM-oriented couple decides to take things up a level when the sub suggests his dominatrix girlfriend shrink him down and use him for her pleasure. Overcome by desire, she decides to 'sacrifice' her kinky boyfriend for the sake of her own pleasure.

Personal Stories (all commissions come first)
    1. James the Friendly Dinosaur (Dinosaur/FFFF Oral Vore)
    A group of girls performs a ritual to bring James the Friendly Dinosaur - a colorful T. Rex from their favorite children’s book - to life outside of their old playground. It works! But unfortunately, James behaves exactly the same way that any T Rex would…
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Posted by ShinjiIkari 7 days ago Report

Can't wait for those! Especially 3 and 4!
And, well, the Dinosaur doesn't seem exactly hot to me at first glance, but definitely new and refreshing so I'll definitly read it too...


Posted by nosuspicious 7 days ago Report

I’d be happy to hear what you think about any of these :) the dinosaur story may not even happen tbh, it depends on if I can work through the commissions faster than new ones come in.


Posted by Ohgra 7 days ago Report

You gotta do the dinosaur one, get weird with it!


Posted by nosuspicious 7 days ago Report

If I ever run out of commissions I 100% will :)