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Some minor issues...

Posted by ShieUne 7 days ago


I dislocated my hip.
I won't tell you what I was doing or how it happened.
A few of you how talk to me pretty regularly can probably guess..(⌒_⌒;)
But... obviously,it's slowed me down by a few days.
I'm behind schedule on things.
As I'm writing this I'm working on 5 things. Page#3 Of HotpocketShogun's thing, an anal-vore selfie
with Gypsi for a friendly kitty, writing a lewd cat story for someone I'm rather attached to.
There is technically 6th thing for a grey fox...Knotty Things and cuddles for Gypsi.
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Posted by Novalori 7 days ago Report

:( thats no fun. Hope you feel better